Free Tutorial on How to Have a Hair Color Change in Photoshop

– Change your Hair color in pictures:

Do I look nicer as a blond or a brunette? Should I add highlights and pay a lot of money only then to discover that I do not like it. I really feel like bleaching my hair but what would the final outcome look like? I also thought some pink and purple strands on me would look funky! Which hair color would best suit my skin tone?

Well, let us put it through the test, here are a few simple steps using Photoshop to change your hair color:

- Using Photoshop, Open the picture which you feel like experimenting with and trying on different hair colors
- Zoom in on the face
- Click ‘Edit in Quick Mask Mode’ in the tool bar
- Select the ‘Brush tool’ and paint over the hair (you can paint over the entire hair or select strands which will look like highlights after the change)
- Go to ‘Filter’, ‘Blur’ and select ‘Gaussian Blur’ to blur out the edges
- Switch back to ‘Edit in Standard Mode ‘
- Go to ‘Select’ and ‘Inverse’ the selection
- Then go to ‘Image’, ‘Adjustment’ and select ‘Hue-Saturation’
- Shift the cursor of the Hue and Saturation to your liking and you can have Black, white, yellow, purple or pink hair!
- After your final choice, Deselect and zoom out, after all Who says blondes have more fun? ?

That are many other tricks you can use to change hair color in Photoshop. Another way would be using the Lasso too

- Open your picture and zoom in on the the hait which is about to go through a dye without any real chemicals!
- Select the ‘Lasso” too from the tool bar
- Select the area around the hair which you choose to change (be careful not to select the skin as well)
- Go to Image/Adjustment? Hue Saturation and play with the levels to get pink, black, yellow ….hair
- Deselect and zoom out and you’d got yourself a new look!

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